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Increase Quality Leads

You can increase quality leads in two ways :

1. By Doing Brand Awareness.

2. By Engaging the Customer.

Ways to engage the customer through brand awareness are as follows :

In today's time Social media is the cheapest way to increase brand awareness and to engage the customer.

In which some are free and some are also paid.

The Free Medium is as Follows :

  • Facebook account creation and page creation
  • Instagram account creation
  • Google Business Account, Account Creation
  • Gmail account, account creation for
  • Google Business Location Creation
  • Youtube channel account creation
  • WhatsApp Business Account Creation
  • Daily Content Posting
  • Whatsapp group and status update
  • Telegram Account and Group Creation
  • Blog Account Creation
  • Logo creation
  • Tagline creation

The Paid Medium is as Follows :

  • Website Creation
  • Website hosting
  • Professional Email account creation
  • Facebook Ads account creation
  • Instagram Ads Account Creation
  • Google Ads Account Creation Search and Display Ads
  • Google Ads Account Creation for Gmail Ad
  • Google Ads account creation for YouTube channel ad
  • Social media remarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Whatsapp Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Auto responding system creation
  1. Result :

    • Your customers can easily come to you by searching your product.
    • New customers keep coming and old customers repeat.
    • Every day you can easily reach the details of your product to the customer.
    • More customers start coming to your store.
    • Your business looks professional
    • You can also take orders from the customer sitting at home.
    • You don't have to go looking for customers.
    • Showing your own website and professional email ID in your visiting card makes a good impression.
    • What you cannot do even by putting up a lot of money or hoardings, it gets done in very less money than that.
    • You can bring growth in business by fighting the competition in a good and easy way.
    • The customer does not have to wait for your store or your office to open to contact you.
    • More interaction with the customer happens online, so you don't even have to talk much.
    • It becomes easier to target qualified customers.

How to do Growth Hacking ?

Do any type of business, But do you know that you can grow your business in just five ways ?

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